I do have 3 paintings from Hufreesh on a wall. In fact after about 2 years is it still catching my eyes.
They are tropical fishes in lively colors,swimming in a medium which I call now “soda pop”. I am fond of Hufreesh Art cause it’s fresh and not only abstract (the well depicted fish) a link to the real, allows my imagination to rest and sink. Not unlike a dive into deeper water and there perception changes. Looking at those pictures gives me peace and I breath under water.

Karlheinz Braeuni, Germany.


“I was inspired to buy this beautiful painting a couple of years back from my dear Hufreesh. I was a mother of a small 3 year old boy then, and the painting aptly signifies the mother-child relationship, bonding and how a mother’s love can be a blessing that protects the child from the whole universe, I have moved a couple of houses since I first settled in Singapore since 2005, but this one has always remained a centre piece in my hall space ever since then.

Hufreesh is not like any other artist I have ever met, her paintings originate from a space within, very spiritual and manifest beautifully from her own growth and evolution as a person, I have two more of her paintings since then, and to me it signifies her presence in our lives.”

Kashmira Limbuwala, Singapore


“In fact I still enjoy looking at your painting.
I bought in a time of my life which is perfectly reflected in the painting.
There are no forms or manifestation but a wide opening and many possibilities
Through the harmony and the composition of the colors it reflects on the positive,
and carries the promise of an optimistic outlook to the future.”

Rolf Bosbach
Musician, Guitarist


I was visiting south India, and Pondichery . We had lunch in a beautifull hotel by the beach. In the hall was that orange painting with blue climbing dots that just resonated with me, and I stood and could not go away. I wanted to be with that painting at home in France. I got in touch with Hufreesh and bought “Joy in the cells”.
Afterwards, meeting again with Hufreesh I fell in love again with “The Garden of Life.” They are both, now in my dining room. Every morning, at breakfast, I connect with joy and unity in diversity . According to the day, a shape, or a color pops up , as if talking to me and rebalances me. It fills me for the day.
Since a few months I put flowers on my marble table and have noticed, that there is a vibration that goes from the flowers to the paintings and vice versa. They talk to each other. Hufreesh’s paintings are alive and full of life energy, the paintings communicate not only with me but with the flowers. Life energy flows through these paintings. A major artist. Thanks a lot.
with gratitude

Edith Anny Izsak-Coleman
MaÎtre de Reiki Jin Kei Do, Maître de Buddho,
Enseignante de méditation,
Conseiller de santé en beauté


Yesterday I picked up the painting and now it is hanging in my office, right in front of me. This morning I actually was looking forward to go to the office, knowing your painting is there……… It so deeply touches me, maybe something from my very early childhood………  some kind of bliss….

Robi, Switzerland



There were the particular qualities of the three pictures that we bought – the use of intense colours and texture and the hidden elements that emerge through your intuitive process. This all touched me and made me want to bring their colours and energy into my home.

Quentin, Cern Switzerland



The reason that I bought the art is because when I first saw the Inner Victories I was mesmerised, I felt as though I could look at it for hours and hours and still be inspired. I felt that it touched me emotionally, in that I feel great depth of my own internal struggles and victories when I look at it.
I have felt this way with all the paintings we bought. I feel very touched by the paintings in an emotional and spiritual sense. Also, of course, know the artist has a huge impact. I feel very connected to art and also to you through it.
Bianca, Switzerland

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