It is happening for you to discover the beauty of  your true authentic self. Life is like the waves on the surface of the ocean, sometimes it is rough and at other times  calm. But no matter what is happening on the surface, it is always peaceful and tranquil below. When we manage to stay connected with our inner source we do not get so easily ruffled and agitated with the difficulties of our outer experiences. There is a serenity within that upholds you through all the challenges.

To inspire people to connect to their true authentic self is the purpose of my artistic creations.


I never went to art school. I loved to paint ever since I was a kid. Painting was the world where I would be lost in for hours together. Never planned to become and artist, it simply and naturally happened. Initially, I was discouraged to become an artist...but I followed my passion nonetheless! And here I am 20 years later, having travelled the world over with my Art, I continue to grow as an artist who is constantly discovering herself through her Art.


Welcome to my art world

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