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'The discipline of Art has at its centre the same principle as the discipline of Yoga.
In both the aim is to become more and more conscious;
in both you have to learn to see and feel something
that is beyond the ordinary vision and feeling,
to go within and bring out from there deeper things."

                                                              The Mother


My art is a meditative process where I dive deep into my inner world and reveal what's hidden within.

There I connect with the Invisible world and it reveals to me the Light, the Energy, the Spirit

behind our visible world. Everything in our Universe has a pulsating unseen Energy

which is the true source of our outward world.

Our normal lives are like living on the surface of the ocean,

not knowing that great beauty and vibrant life force is to be found when we dive below the surface.

My art gives you a glimpse of that hidden reality.


 I loved to paint ever since I was a kid. Painting was the world where I would be lost in for hours together. Never planned to become and artist, it simply and naturally happened. Initially, I was discouraged to become an artist...but I followed my passion nonetheless! And here I am 20 years later, having travelled the world over with my Art, I continue to grow as an artist who is constantly discovering herself through her Art.


Welcome to my art world

All paintings here are copyright protected. None of the images can be used in any shape or form .

Offenders will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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