Amused Spirit
  • Amused Spirit


    Acrylic on canvs

    12" x 46”


    The beautiful californian nature inspired me to create “amused spirit” and the “spirit of nature”. Being amongst the tall redwood trees and the deep green vegetation under the sea blue sky makes you breathless and experience a sense of aliveness that is unforgettable. As you walk amongst the mountain pathways you feel the presence of the spirits of nature who are observing us as curiously as we inspect a beautiful butterfly. And sometimes nature smiles at our awkwardness and silliness when we are immersed in its presence. In this painting you can see a smiling form of a spirit, within which the entire nature (its essence) is represented in its different colours and hues that one finds there. The red, yellow, oranges of the flowers, the greens and the blues of the plants and trees and all of it surrounded by the incandescent blue of the sky.


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      Hufreesh Dumasia Chopra