• Gateway


    Mixed media
    24″ x 30″

    Personally, this painting is my “Monalisa”, a labour of love, where I have pushed my boundaries and experimented with different material to come to this visually stunning Art work. By using a mixture of paint and papier mache, I  managed to create a raised texture which gives it a three dimensional feel and  has many layers of colors below to give it more depth and multi layer dimension to it.  This  texture  has feel of an exterior of a cave  within which the Light dances and plays with joy. It draws and lures the viewer in to discover the  magical  light within.  

     It is a representation  of oneself… Each one of us is like a cavern with a Divine Light within us, but sometimes we only see the rough outward surface. In order to protect ourselves from getting hurt we form a strong fortress around our heart that doesn’t allow the Light to go through. This painting is a reminder to keep your heart open to Love that overcomes all obstacles! 


    Another interpration of the painting by Uma Maheswari.

    The very title the artist ushers us to be vigilant spectators. Sharp and rough stone gateway cautions us that it is not some Disney or Fairy land to rush in! It is Alma mater ' s  Citadine. Darkness Subjugated the true nature of the being well portrayed in the hardened hues of brown.But pale red and green gives us hope to breathe. Yes uncut diamond lies hidden in hridhya guha - heart's cave. After hard toil of smashing the ego with utter humility one can reach the kingdom of inner peace. Thus green may be used by the artist. Lo ! there comes the pure  White light. An absolute masterpiece in the inner journey of Yoga "Removal of the Veil".


    This is a medium size painting, 24 inches wide x 30 inches high on a canvas. Local pickup is available (no shipping cost locally).

    This is an original acrylic mixed media painting (not a copy or print) and is signed  on the FRONT by the artist. The sides are painted  and stapled on the back so it’s ready to hang.  The painting will be carefully and professionally packed and shipped the next business day upon receipt of payment.


    Cost: Buy this painting for $1800 + shipping  and applicable taxes. 


    About Hufreesh
    Hufreesh's unique blend of art  has allowed her to sell paintings in more then 10 countries. And has been invited to participate in various art exhibitions and art residencies around the globe.


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