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Water Fairy

Water Fairy


30" x 40″



This painting emerged from the deep waters of my being…after swimming in the depths of the ocean, (being a deep sea diver)…this artwork gradually evolved to reveal the fascination and joy I have for the underwater world.
It is as if my spirit yearns to discover the mysteries that lay hidden from normal sight. So in this watery universe a joyful Presence is sensed that goes around creating magical and enchanting worlds of beauty. Many layers of  different blue were applied with powerful brush strokes in order to create a lasting visual impression. The fishes are very tactfully  hidden for you to discover them. This artwork persuades you gently to enter its hidden world of beauty and magic.

The creation of this painting was as magical as the subject…there was no planning or thought process beforehand…I was led to this world on a very intuitive level. I just tuned into the signs and the painting developed in front of my eyes. The colors were chosen very organically and through the many layers of colors one on top of the other…some forms started to emerge and I just brought them out from the hidden background to the forefront. And to my own amazement and joy, a enchanting realm was revealed to me.



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