Whirlwind of Love
  • Whirlwind of Love


    Acrylic on canvas – Diptych

    36″ x 48″

    Interpratation of the painting by Uma Maheswari

    "Love as universal language touches the human soul as single chain of extended consciousness.  It is  sweet note of the heart which carries a beautiful song to one another. It's a lush expression of Mother nature to the dry heart of the soil. Such is  the analogy of happy heart when touches with the atom of love. Yes, love's infinitesimal expression vibrates the whole creation alas! Maximum pressure and outbursts can absolutely creates the Whirlwind!
    Thus we find the tinge of pink which is psychic .And scramble of gold touches the realm of eternity! Finally descent of White - Pure Consciousness.
    A complete Shift in the inner realm."

      Hufreesh Dumasia Chopra


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