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Wings of Fire
  • Wings of Fire


    Wings of Fire


    Mixed media

    15" x 15"

    Rs 15700


    This painting is a recent technique that I have developed that creates a three dimensional feel to it. There are parts of it that are raised and pointed...almost jutting out from the painting.

    This painting resembles a blazing Comet with it’s intricate textures and vibrant colours. And what I have come to realise is that we are like Comets… a comet a comet is born in the great vastness of the universe and eventually returns back to it. But it's only when it ventures too close to earth that it releases the blazing "tail" behind it. Similarly, it is only when our Spirit is born on earth that we release our inner fire and like a comet hitting a new atmosphere, suddenly we illuminate magnificently and life begins. And like a comet we keep on coming back to experience this adventure called “ Life”.


    This is an original acrylic painting (not a copy or print) and is signed on the front by the artist. It has a beautiful wooden frame around it. The painting will be carefully and professionally packed and shipped the next business day upon receipt of payment

    And it is ready to hang.


    Cost: Buy this painting for $190 shipping and applicable taxes.


    About HufreeshHufreesh's unique blend of art has allowed her to sell paintings in more then 10 countries. And has been invited to participate in various art exhibitions and art residencies around the globe.


    Please click HERE to learn more about Hufreeshh

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