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Edith Anny Izsak-Coleman
MaÎtre de Reiki Jin Kei Do, Maître de Buddho,
Enseignante de méditation,
Conseiller de santé en beauté

I was visiting south India, and Pondichery . We had lunch in a beautifull hotel by the beach. In the hall was that orange painting with blue climbing dots that just resonated with me, and I stood and could not go away. I wanted to be with that painting at home in France. I got in touch with Hufreesh and bought “Joy in the cells”.
Afterwards, meeting again with Hufreesh I fell in love again with “The Garden of Life.” They are both, now in my dining room. Every morning, at breakfast, I connect with joy and unity in diversity . According to the day, a shape, or a color pops up , as if talking to me and rebalances me. It fills me for the day.
Since a few months I put flowers on my marble table and have noticed, that there is a vibration that goes from the flowers to the paintings and vice versa. They talk to each other. Hufreesh’s paintings are alive and full of life energy, the paintings communicate not only with me but with the flowers. Life energy flows through these paintings. A major artist. Thanks a lot.
with gratitude.


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