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About Me


An Intuitive Abstract artist, Hufreesh, has been painting ever since she was old enough to hold a brush. To become an artist wasn't a conscious choice but a natural expression of her being. Growing up in Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education in South of India and living in Auroville inspired her to seek within for her artistic inspiration.

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Life threw a curved ball at Hufreesh, when she least expected it. She lost her father whom she was very close too, at the tender age of 12. In those moments of pain and trauma she questioned living and whether there is life beyond death or is it the end of the road? She continued to seek that Invisible world as she grew up...where perhaps she could connect with some aspect of her dad. It is funny, how our life paths are determined by our early life experiences! She devoured all the different philosophies she could lay a hand on that would give answers to her deepest questions. Meditation was another form of connecting to that hidden world and dabbling in various forms of alternative healing modalities.  


Only to realize ultimately that it was her art that was revealing the hidden word to her.  She was disillusioned by the ordinary way of living and kept looking for something that gave meaning to her existence. And it here that her art played a major revealed the unknown and the invisible world to her. That there is a spirit world behind all appearances. All the trees, rivers, flowers and people have a hidden spirit within that isn't visible to our mortal eyes. Her Art, which is an intuitive process, where she allows herself to be be led, it is there that she found all her answers.

She connects with the inner most part of her being while creating Art. It is like having a conversation with her soul and expressed through her Art. A self-discovery process of finding one's true Nature. Her Art reflects that adventurous process ... to find something beautiful in the Unknown, Unpredictable and even in the chaos of Life.


Her works are primarily in acrylic, but she also likes to work in mixed media. Her style is best described as “evolutionary,” as it is constantly changing. As a result, change has become a consistent theme in Hufreesh's works.


Never happy to settle into a single  technique, style or medium, Hufreesh continuously searches for the right form of artistic expression, from paint and fabric to clay and other materials to express her inner vision. She believes that as she learns and grows through life experiences so does her Art evolve as well. The Inner Journey continues....

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