Cosmic cells
  • Cosmic cells


    Mixed media

    48" x  60"


    This painting is a labor of love!  It took me some 8 months to finally say that it was complete! And not 9 !  It is a mixed media painting, where a special texture has been created through the use of paper pulp!

    Sometimes in life, it gets difficult to smile,there is the feeling of breaking, of a emptiness in your heart where happiness is supposed to be present. And even though you may wake up and go about your normal life, it doesn’t hide the fact that your eyes hurt from confusion and it is difficult to take a step forward. Everything seems meaningless and the depths of your darkness seems to be slowly drowning you, pulling you deep into its darkness. At such times, it is difficult to see the light… but there is hope, there is light at the end of the tunnel.  This painting is an abstract representation of our lives. Behind activities and all the different experiences we go through there is omnipresent Light which is always there, waiting for us to see it and call on it and infuse our lives once more with joy and happiness.


      Hufreesh Dumasia Chopra


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