Night Fire

Night Fire


Mixed Media

24″ X 20″

As an artist, to venture into the unknown, can be viewed an intellectual kamikaze  … but I disagree. I love to challenge my comfort zone and modus operandi from time to time …. So Night Fire came into existence and was born out of this adventure.


During this journey I decided to work with a black canvas and triangle canvas. And I am thrilled to share what evolved out of the union of the two! 


Initially, I started painting on the triangle canvas as it inspired the Night fire to reveal  hidden realities in the deep of the night. Step by step it unraveled its dark mysterious depths. Like a curious child I entered its world and its vision left me speechless and filled me with awe and wonder. It showed me that Night has a world of its own with invisible entities energising it. And here in this painting, if you spend some time with it you will start to see these invisible entities and the Spirit of Night itself.



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    Hufreesh Dumasia Chopra