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Interview of the recent show in Pitanga, Auroville

Hufreesh’s pieces are the result of a layering of techniques and experiences, which broadly sway from the colour- intense abstract to the post-figurative psychic detail. The viewer is challenged to enter a world filled with poetic nuances of colour, which can be read on various levels. Each work stands as a testament to Hufreesh’s continuous search for a balanced end point – that equilibrium which she hopes to satisfy and declare as an attitude. A style.

Some of the works are enriched by very personalized use of the frame – the frame as an integral part of the art-object and not only a decorative support. The frames give relative spatial movement and dynamics to the canvas, adding a visual strength, which is interesting and brave. A possible reference to Frank Stella, albeit much reduced in size and, as such, in impact.

The show is filled with many new starting points, which Hufreesh admits result from stimuli absorbed during her recent visit to the Florence biennale and assorted workshops, where she felt emboldened to reach out across new borders. The works have been assembled with elegance and a clear visual strategy, which helps the viewer to consider the body of work as unified. The chromatic energy is also achieved with a true sense of exploration that is bold and interesting.

The soothing atmosphere of Pitanga seems to attract many Auroville artists. It was in this enveloping atmosphere that Hufreesh and I explored the elements of her show.

Sebastian: Tell me about your artistic “process”.

Hufreesh: “I explore different techniques and allow them to guide me in an unconscious way…. colour and form also unfold in a similar way – without much premeditation. Even the figures that appear are all part of a very unconditioned effort – elements just fall into place…. this is what I enjoy about my work. I avoid any mind intervention.

S: Do you contextualize your work to any genre or style?

H: No, I take a technique as far as I can with the element of chance and not belonging to any label. The only container I consider is that which ascribes my work as abstract but I feel limited even by the materials and I’m still searching for a voice.

S. Is your art spiritual?

H. I don’t label it as spiritual that is up to the viewer.

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